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All our Korean Skin care products are 100% Authentic. They are manufactured in Korea and we buy our products exclusively in Korea. There are indeed a lot of dupes at the moment because of the K-Beauty trend. The dupes are made in China so please be aware when purchasing korean skin care products especially when the prices are lower then usual. Please note that  if you would like to order products who do not appear on our website please feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below and we will do our best to provide you with the product your heart desires.

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Why you should start

Using Korean products

Top 5 reasons why you should start using korean products

1) They are way more advanced than Western skincare

2) They have gentle formulations

3) They are made with only the best ingredients ie: green tea, volcanic clay, fermented yeast etc...

4) They are highly affordable

5) They're highly effective and work wonders! 

How it all start

Being a young e-marketing student, I have always dreamed of opening my own e-shop.  I am very passionate about skincare and beauty in general. I had several skin issues and after testing many brands I have decided to try out Korean brands instaad as koreans appear to always have that gorgeous, healthy looking, glowy skin. After a few weeks of religiously following my 10 step Korean skincare routine, my skin has changed drastically. It is more clear, radiant, elastic and I can finally go out without wearing any makeup with confidence. I have also noticed that it was very difficult to find authentic korean products as there are many dupes ou there (fake korean products from china) Being a consumer myself I decided this was my chance to open my own authentic Korean e-store and work only with suppliers whos products I've already tried before working with them so that my costumers can be fully satisfied with  the products they buy from K-skare.

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